The BuscaViento App

What can you do with BuscaViento?   Sail more than ever before, because you’ll always have the latest wind information from the best spots on the coast.  To believe it, just see what our users are saying.

You can install the fully-functional BuscaViento app on your cell phone and try it 15 days absolutely free and with no obligation. With our phone application you’ll receive real-time wind data on your cell phone from our own sensors installed right on the beach, and personalized alerts when the wind goes above the threshold you choose.

Data from your favorite spots

BuscaViento app - real-time wind info from your favorite spots

Create a list of favorite spots from our complete network of sensors.  Each time the data is updated from our sensors, you’ll see a wind summary for all your spots:  average windspeed, direction, gusts, and a wind alert if the wind is above your desired threshold.  By clicking on a single spot, you’ll see complete detailstendency during the last hour and a half, beaufort force, wind name, y temperature.  The wind data are updated from each beach every 15 minutes.


Daily wind graph with real and forecast data

In the detailed graph for each spot you’ll see the accumulated real readings for the day alongside the hourly forecast.  It shows the direction, the average and the gusts, both real and forecast, as well as the beach orientation at that spot.  In addition, you can see yesterday’s graph and the the forecast for tomorrow.

Thresholds and Alerts

Alert thresholds adjustable for each spot

Set a threshold (minimum windspeed) for each beach, and when the current windspeed goes above your threshold the application will alert you with a vibration and the sound of your choice.  You can also set an alert schedule and frequency.


Detailed help screens

By pressing the help button in any screen you’ll see helpful, detailed information about the contents and functionality of that screen.


Snow reports

BuscaViento is not just for wind.  If you also surf the snow in winter, you can check out our snow reports for most major ski areas in Cataluña, Aragón, Andorra and the French Pyrenees.  The snow reports come directly from the ski areas and are updated every 2 hours on our server during the ski season.