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the wind !

The wind on your phone

from our own sensors right on the beach

BuscaViento - the wind on your phone

Still don’t have BuscaViento?  If you windsurfflysurf or sail, this is the best way to know where, when, and how much the wind is blowing at your favorite spots in CataluñaCastellónValenciaAlicanteMurcia, and even Madrid and Cuenca.

With our app you can receive the most reliable wind information on your cell phonein the palm of your hand, wherever you are— sent direct from our network of automated weather stations installed at the best spots on the coast.

You’ll see accurate REAL-TIME wind readings and statistics every 15 minutes from BuscaViento‘s OWN SENSORS at privileged locations right on the beachwind speed, direction, gusts, force, trend – and you can set a unique wind alert for each beach to be alerted when it starts blowing.

Stop searching in vain for the wind.  Forget about phone calls, Internet, and wasted trips and let BuscaViento alert you when the wind blows!   An indispensable tool to keep you from missing a single day of sailing.

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