What our users say

Here you can read some of the testimonials our users have made about BuscaViento by phone, WhatsApp, e-mail, SMS, in forums, and in person.  These are all actual comments, word for word – we haven’t made anything up.  All but a few have been translated from the original Spanish or Catalán.  We advise that the excitement expressed in some of the comments has inspired the use of language which might offend some of our more sensitive sailors…


The first day with this thing and I already scored!

José L.

It has substantially improved my quality of life.

Albert R.


I congratulate you on what you’re doing – it’s really, really good.

Tomás V.

This thing is awesome, it’s really great.

Manuel D.

It’s fixed my life.

Raimon S.

BuscaViento is really brilliant!  What an invention!

Alberto S.

They conscientiously provide all the services they promise, which is why I’ve really become ‘hooked’.

Héctor A.

I have it and it’s awesome.  It’s cheap and worth it – you avoid driving a lot of kilometers for nothing.

Anonymous user on Spainkiters

The BuscaViento pager, nicknamed the “tamagotchi-buscaviento”, is awesome.  I’ve had it for 4 weeks and we’ve already confirmed that it’s really reliable.  The biggest advantage I can see is the peace of mind… you don’t have always to be watching to see if the trees, the neighbor’s clothes, or the flag on the Palau is moving… so it also saves you stressing about whether it’ll get windy or not, calling friends and when they don’t answer you think they’re sailing but it turns out they were just in the bathroom… wasted trips, and waiting on the beach.  You end up wasting less time, earning more “points” with your girlfriend, and surfing more because you don’t miss.

Ramón K.

Here in Catalonia absolutely everybody uses it.  People say it works great.

Héctor P.


When my friends wake up every morning, before looking at the alarm clock they check their BuscaViento pager!

Alejandro C.

Congratulations on this great service, I know people who have it and they are really happy with it.

Rafa C.

The service you’ve provided so far has been very satisfactory and has allowed me to sail more days and in better conditions, so I’m sending you my thanks and congratulations for the idea.

David G.

ALL… and I mean all the days I sail are thanks to BuscaViento.  If I see it’s windy, at 12:30 I leave work and get some sailing in until 15:00 when I come back in.  And if it gets windy on a Saturday 60km away, then I find an excuse and make myself scarce whenever possible… even if it’s to sail for just 30 minutes, which, with the conditions we have in this region, is glory…  So, the BuscaViento pager is my salvation.  If I had to choose between BuscaViento and my cell phone, I’d give up my phone in a minute…  All in all, at first it might seem like the pager costs a lot of money, but then if you stop to think and remember that sailing day in Peñíscola or that other one in Trabucador you had thanks to the pager…  you can’t buy that with money.

Víctor C.

I’ve had it for over a year and it’s really helped me a lot.  I no longer waste afternoons “waiting to see if it gets windy”, nor make endless trips… it’s really useful since it gives you information right from the beach, and if you use your own experience to interpret it, better yet.

Víctor C.


If after lunch in the summer you can spend the afternoon on the beach sunbathing, chatting with your friends, and having a beer with your equipment all ready, then you don’t really need the pager, but if you have obligations and you can get away only if it’s really windy, the pager is your solution.  I can’t say anything but good things about this little device…

Víctor C.

I’ve had it from the start and it’s been a luxury.  It’s really nice and I think it’s the best option.

Víctor C.

What sucks about Riumar is that the forecasts don’t help at all, so the only information available to not miss there I think is BuscaViento.

Rafa L.

Impressive technical support – thanks!

Francisco P.

Thanks very much for your support – a solid 10!

Pau M.

All my friends who have BuscaViento on their cell phones always end up sailing.

Ximo en Spainkiters


Really like your service and the support/attitude of your good self. If you ever want a testimonial please ask.

Steve W.

Congratulations, the new version of the application is perfect.  The best part is the summary page.

Sergi G.

I just updated to the new version.  I think it looks great.  Congratulations for the change.

Santiago T.

Congratulations on the new version.  It’s brilliant!

Quim O.

It’s been a fantastic tool for the nearly three years I’ve been a user and it’s helped me enjoy some great sailing days and saved me loads on gas.  I also thank you for how friendly you’ve been when I’ve had problems with my phone or other things.

Christian T.

Your service is fantastic now.

Francesc G.

Thanks to your system I’m sailing a lot, I mean really a lot!

Fausto R.

I’m delighted with your service. I think now I’m not going to be able to live without it!!!!!

Pablo R.

You can no longer live without BuscaViento…

Fausto D.

Without your work, it wouldn’t be possible to sail so much, heh, heh, heh. What a day yesterday in Murtra!

Pablo R.

Ever since I’ve had it I can no longer live without it!

Pabri G.

I’m in the trial period with BuscaViento, we’ll see how my phone bill turns out for Internet connections at the end of the month… but it works beautifully.

Edu F.

In Valencia you have the 4 essential spots. Last weekend I was at the sensor in Saplaya and it was right on.

Pabri G.

I use BuscaViento – and believe me, you’ll spend all day pushing that damn button to watch the wind.

Pabri G.

That bastard, he woke me up to tell me the wind readings from BuscaViento. When I get to the beach he’s gonna pay…

Edu F.

It’s ‘Rafagas’ who reports the information from the beach with a hand anemometer, apart from using BuscaViento.

Anonymous user on Spainkiters

Your service causes addiction!

Francesc G.

The service this invention of yours provides is brilliant – I’m really happy with it.

Pablo R.


After a few days of using this I think the application is excellent.

Kevin M.

Thanks a lot!  You guys fucking rule!

Marc A.

What a great service BuscaViento is. Thank you for the friendly service you’ve always given me.

Marc R.

Man, every time I call you I manage to fix something.

Enrique S.

It’s a good thing somebody knows how to get things done.

Óscar O.


Congratulations again on BuscaViento – it’s an indispensable tool !

Jaume F.

Thanks. Great idea, by the way.

Óscar M.

 BuscaViento is now running on a Nexus One – Incredible customer service!

Santi V.

I can’t stop congratulating you – it’s great !

Manel C.


It’s been a pleasure these past years with your service.

Dani B.

This has been brilliant for me – it’s awesome!

Carlos D.

Even with a good forecast, to find the optimal conditions that allow me to improve, I need BuscaViento.

Mario R.


The service is fantastic.  I go around telling all my friends about it.

Alejandro L.

The usefulness I’ve gotten from this application has been very helpful and I’m really satisfied.

Rafael P.

Congratulations for the flexibility your service offers.

Ángel R.


It works perfectly.  Let me say once again that your customer service is exceptional.

Vicente G.

Now even better!  The graphs are an excellent added value to an essential app.

Sergio B.

Very good.  The graphs are really useful and the app is great.

Pablo P.


Essential app.  Just with the gasoline I save on trips looking for wind…  The reliability of the sensors is an added value that all the free stations around don’t provide.

Anonymous user on Google Play

If you’re into sailing (windsurfing or kitesurfing) this app is essential.  It’s a paid service but the price is reasonable for the service it offers.  I windsurf and it’s a liberation to know the wind in real-time.

Anonymous user on Google Play

Congratulations for a super aplication.

Jorge J.

… this magnificent service which has given me so many sailing sessions.

Vicente C.

I’ve been very happy with your attention and your application.

David G.


The best app I’ve seen.

Dani on App Store


Perfect, I recommend it.

Anonymous user

The technical support with WhatsApp scores a 10!!!!  I wrote them and they helped me in a moment.

Christian A.

If you sail, you won’t be able to live without it, despite the price.

Eduardo E.


A great app to not miss a single sailing session.

H. Y. on App Store


Guille I. en App Store

The best real-time wind app that currently exists.  It saves you time and gasoline so in the long run it ends up being cheap.

Dan S.

A unrivaled and essential app if you want real-time wind information from the spots they cover.  The customer service is very good and personalized.

J. C.

Very good app, very professional and well attended.  Great improvements in the latest version..!  It’s an essential service for windsurfers and kiters who sail in the Mediterranean and Madrid, with real sensors right on the beach at lots of spots, and which are maintained in person, which requires a considerable effort.  And the app is improved on a regular basis.  Without a doubt a great app…!!

Joan P.

It’s really useful for me!  It gives you the real wind and  ensures you’ll have a big day!!

Pol L.

An essential classic.  If you sail in the Mediterranean it’s really useful to know where and how strong the wind’s blowing.  As for the price… keep in mind that we’re not talking about an APP, but about a service based on proprietary sensors measuring REAL wind right on the spots in a localized area – it’s not a global market like other services.  You save time, fuel and disappointments.  It also has good forecasts and snow reports for skiers and snowboarders.

I. C.

This app has transformed the sport.  There’s no longer any need to travel to windy places.  You have the wind right here.

Anonymous user on Google Play


I’ll definitely keep recommending your great gift which provides so much to this community.

Marcos P.

The best thing for those of us who windsurf or kitesurf.

Raúl M.


Thank you!  I love your site as the last 17 days you were correct.  Unfuckingbelieveable !!!!!!!

Joe V.

Very happy to use it daily. Very good forecast with max, min, average, direction at all spots on the Mediterranean coast. All the same information in real-time.

Pepe R. on App Store


I’ve been a user and customer of this service for over 10 years. From the first moment I realized that if you’re into sailing and you rely on weather forecasts, these are often wrong, which is normal, so your best alternative is to be able to see the wind in real time at your favorite sailing spots. This way you avoid wasting freeway tolls and gasoline on unnecessary trips just to get there and strike out. This app lets you set alerts at your favorite sailing spots and beaches so it alerts you when the wind is within the range you need. It’s also worth mentioning that the development of the app has never stopped progressively evolving to provide a better service with clearer and improved options and settings. In short, it’s a small but essential investment in order to enjoy your favorite sport like I have for over 10 years thanks to BuscaViento.

Carlos L. on App Store

Thank you for making this sport easier.

David C.

An excellent app, simple and very useful.

Carlos A.

BuscaViento is the final word!

Martin L.


What would I do without BuscaViento?

Santiago T.

The app is saving me a few wasted journeys, so loving it and thanks for the super rapid response, not normal from other experiences so thanks. Keep up the great service – it’s awesome!

Danny E.

It’s an excellent service. Thanks a lot for everything!!!

José María J.

Thanks for all these years of wind reports.

Francesc C.

Thank you, the service has been super-useful and reliable.

Rafael T.


Thanks a lot!!! Your service is excellent!!!

Alexis G.