Privacy Policy

The data we collect from our users are for the exclusive use of BuscaViento in order to provide our service on their cell phones and manage their subscriptions.  We never share our users' data with third parties, either for advertising or for any other purpose.


Installing our app requires the following cell-phone permissions in order to function properly:

SMS - The application sends ONE single SMS message to validate the user (at the standard rate with NO additional charges), then all other connections are over the Internet.

INTERNET - Wind data are downloaded from the Internet, with data traffic reduced to a minimum.

READ PHONE STATE AND IDENTITY - The serial number of each user's phone is used to authenticate them as a user.

PREVENT SLEEP MODE + DISABLE KEYLOCK - With Wind Alerts activated, a user's phone is woken up periodically for a few seconds to alert if it's windy.

VIBRATOR - There is an option to receive vibrating wind alerts.