Planned Stations

The stations we're planning to install or have recently installed are:

  Roses   (Installed 8/4/16!)  

Installed on Roses beach


  Sant Pere Pescador (Norte)   (Installed 22/4/16!)  

Installed in the La Gaviota campground.


  Tarragona   (¡Instalado 15/4/16!)  

Installed on Platja Llarga.


  Vilanova i la Geltrú   (Installed)  

This is an excellent beach especially for sailing with east wind, and only 40 minutes from Barcelona.  We've installed our sensor in a high place on the southwest jetty of the port, where it gives unbeatable wind readings from all directions.


  Platja d'Aro   (Installed)  

Possibly the best tourist beach on the Costa Brava, Platja d'Aro is also an idyllic place to windsurf.  All along its nearly 3km of perfectly groomed sand there are various designated canals from which head out and surf the tropical blue waters of the bay.  On the far south end is the windsurf school that houses our sensor and, by the way, was where yours truly learned to windsurf some years ago.


  Hospitalet de l'Infant    (Installed)  

This magnificent spot between Cambrils and Riumar is well known among our users in Tarragona, especially windsurfers, who've been enjoying its "garbís" and "levantes" (SW and E winds) for years.  But now it's become a key spot for kiters as well since some of the town's firemen are also kitesurfers and have managed to set up a canal where kiting is allowed in summer.  Don't tell anyone!


  Badalona     (Installed)  

Our users had been asking for a station in Badalona for quite some time, but it always seemed too close to the sensor in Barcelona to us.  When we saw with our own eyes that the wind is actually different there - often several knots stronger - we were finally convinced.  You can see our sensor on top of the well-known Club Náutico Bétulo, home to various champions and important windsurfing championships.


  Eucaliptus    (Installed)   

This sensor covers the beach near the Eucaliptus area, and It's on top of the Mediterrani Blau Hotel, across from the campground.  Here you can sail with wind similar to that in Trabucador, but away from the crowd in the lagoon.


  El Trabucador    (Installed)   

This extremely long sandbar is ideal for windsurfing and kitesurfing with thermal winds in the Ebro Delta, especially since you can kitesurf without worrying during the prohibition season on the rest of the beaches.  On one side there's a huge, shallow lagoon to learn in, and on the other side is open sea.  Taking advantage of "La Central del Kite"'s new installations right on the lagoon, we've relocated our sensor here to give the best possible wind readings directly from the sailing area.


Comunidad Valenciana:  
  Arenales del Sol      (Installed)  Installed 18/5/13 !

Here you can sail just a stone's throw from Alicante, with the strong winds which typically blow between Los Arenales and El Altet. Our sensor is installed at the area's reference point for windsurfing and kitesurfing:  The Parres Center, right on the sand.


  Els Molins    (Installed) Installed 1/3/13 !

The beach at Els Molins is an important place for kiters and windsurfers especially in the winter, where strong winds unite with big waves to create some of the most unique conditions in the area.  We've installed our sensor right on the beach, on top of the last old windmill from which it gets its name, now converted into a windsurf and kitesurf school.


  Altea     (Installed)   

Our newest sensor is located on the L'Olla beach in Altea, Alicante.  Here you can sail with fantastic "levantes" (east winds) while putting on a show for the community of Russian mafia who overlook the bay from their multimillion-euro mansions up on the mountain.


  Peñíscola     (Installed)   

Now we have a sensor on this fantastic windsurfing and kitesurfing beach between Peñíscola and Benicarló.  It's on top of the Gran Hotel Peñíscola, right on the beachfront behind the main sailing area.  By the way, the hotel is great and has mega-offers for sporting groups.  It also has a fantastic pool and spa - perfect to keep your family entertained while you're sailing.  Try it out, and remember to say BuscaViento sent you!


  Canet d'en Berenguer      (Installed)   

This summer we're trying out our new sensor on this essential windsurfing and kitesurfing spot on the Valencian coast.  You'll see it on top of the Chispa Hotel, right on the beachfront.


  Castellón   (Installed)   

It was about time we did a favor for our good users in Castellón, who've been enjoying our service for several months now without a single sensor in the province of Castellón!  For those in the capital who can escape for a few hours at lunchtime to sail and go back to work without anyone noticing, we have a new sensor on the fantastic Gurugú beach, in the windsurfing and kitesurfing club.


  Burriana   (Installed)   

Another gift for our Castellón users - a beautiful spot on the Arenal beach whose active windsurf club has a long history.


  Santa Pola  (Installed)   

The best spot in Alicante, and we've placed our sensor in the best windsurfing and kitesurfing center in the area:  The Parres Center, a veritable magnet for all the local action (including beautiful girls!).


  Port Saplaya    (Installed)  

Now we have a sensor at this key spot for the winter season.  Our sensor is on top of the Club Náutico, where the wind comes in clean from all directions, especially from the NE and E which are the most important winds here.  It even appears it will give good readings from the W for sailing in Puebla de Farnals as well:  the day we installed, a 15-20 knot west wind was blowing which almost blew us off the roof several times.


  El Saler    (Installed)  

Installing at this spot has turned out to be a sensation.  The popularity of this beach was greater than we expected, most likely due to the large membership in the Windsurfing Club and its proximity to Valencia.  When they found out we were installed a sensor, 7 people signed up the same day, two of which even climbed to the top of the tower in the sports center while we were working, with all the wires still hanging out!  We placed the sensor on top of the athletics tower at the Parque Deportivo Dehesa - the highest, clearest point in a several-kilometer radius, next to the beach and the Windsurfing Club.  The west wind was also blowing strong that day, and we came back with a nice cold.


  Mareny Blau    (Installed)  

Our conquest of the Valencian coast began on Aug. 25, 2004 when we planted a mast in this well loved spot, where the strongest thermal winds in the stretch between Valencia and Cullera usually blow.  Call it "Garbí", "Xaloc" or whatever you want (everyone we've talked to in Valencia has their own theory...) - the fact is that it comes from the SE and picks up some fairly good waves near Mareny Blau.  The traditional sailing area is in front of the old Ariane Hotel and a little bit farther down, so that's where we stuck our sensor:  on the lot of the old Ariane Hotel, just behind the first dune, where the wind comes in clearly from all directions.  The interesting thing is that the property is now home to a plankton farm, the only one of its kind in Spain.  (Bet you didn't know that the food chain of all living beings begins on beach of Mareny Blau...)  If you want to give your aquarium fish a gourmet banquet, here's where you'll find it.  The owners are very friendly and will be happy to show you their little dearies (call first to set up an appointment).  More info on their website:


  Oliva    (Installed)  

Our sensor in Oliva is now in the absolute best location:  the "Kite Oliva" kitesurf school, right on the Rabdells beach.  Here the wind readings are taken as close to the water as possible, and this famous kitesurf center becomes our reference point in Oliva.  And after sailing, don't forget to visit their new "Kite Oliva Shop" in the "Oliva Nova" shopping center, just a few meters from the school.  More info on their website:


Murcia - Mar Menor:  
  Los Narejos    (Installed)  

This is the most popular spot on the Mar Menor for windsurfing and kitesurfing, both for its easy access and for its strong east winds (NE, E).  We placed our sensor at an ideal spot on top of the building at the end of the dock at the CAR Infanta Cristina.  The day we installed, it was blowing 25 knots from the NE, which almost blew us off the roof into the sea among dozens of sails and kites.


  Los Nietos     (Installed)  

Farther south, you'll find this well-known spot for sailing in north and east winds.  Our sensor is located in a privileged spot on top of the Los Nietos Sailing Club.


  Isla del Ciervo    (Installed)   

When a "Lebeche" (SW wind) is blowing in the Mar Menor, this is where you've gotta be.  On the pleasant beach south of Isla del Ciervo you'll find one of the best windsurfing and kitesurfing schools in the area, and an unbeatable beach atmosphere.  As you'd expect, our sensor is installed in an ideal location right on the beach, on top of the Manga Surf sailing school.  Check out their website: .


  La Llana    (Installed)   

If you want to sail on the Mediterranean side with bigger waves, this is the best spot.  It's at the very top of the Mar Menor, east of San Pedro del Pinatar, past the saltworks and right below the port.  This long, untamed beach has good "Levante" (NE, E) and "Jaloque" (SE) winds.  It has easy access and a large parking lot where you can rig your equipment.  Our sensor is right on the beach on top of the lifeguard hut.


Madrid area:      
  Cazalegas    (Installed)  

All you reservoir sailors in the Madrid area can now enjoy BuscaViento to sail in Cazalegas reservoir - our first fresh-water spot!  Thanks to the kind collaboration of Centro Náutico Serranillos, we've located our sensor in the best location - on the highest point of the sailing center, just meters from the water.  A beautiful place just over 1h from Madrid where you can sail all year round.


  El Atazar   (Installed)      

Those of you who sail in Madrid have little reason to envy your friends on the Mediterranean coast while you ply the waters of this beautiful reservoir surrounded by hills and pine trees.  Our sensor is in an ideal location in the Cervera Campground, close to the water and with unobstructed readings of both north and south winds.


  Valdecañas   (Installed)    

Along with Alarcón reservoir, Valdecañas is one of the main reference points for kitesurfing (and windsurfing) in central Spain.  Despite how wild and desolate this spot is, we finally managed to find a good location for our sensor, right on the building closest to the water, which receives the wind head-on.


  Alarcón   (Installed)    

We can't be without sensor in Alarcón reservoir, another very important spot for kiters and windsurfers in central Spain located in a spectacular landscape between hills and vast fields of sunflowers.  Thanks to the kind cooperation of the "Emocio" recreational center and the town hall of Valverde de Júcar, we were able to place our sensor at the ideal location - atop a 13-meter post right on the lake shore.  The proof that it's in a windy spot could be seen in our hair, which was literally on end after being hoisted up with a crane to install it.


  Entrepeñas  (Installed)    


  Vilafranca de los Caballeros  (Installed)