BuscaViento on your Phone


BuscaViento is a small Java application (or an "app" for Android and iPhone) which, once installed on your cell phone, allows you to receive detailed wind information from our wind sensors right on the beach at the best spots.  What's more, it allows you to define a favorite-spots list, program personalized wind alerts, receive important news and bulletins from BuscaViento, view snow reports, select your language, and more.

It works just like our previous pager service, but with several important advantages:

  • Current Technology:  Takes advantage of improved coverage and messaging features of cell phones.

  • Convenient:  Installed on your cell phone, there's one less device to carry around:  less weight, less maintenance, and more convenient.

  • Powerful:  On your cell phone you can enjoy BuscaViento with more information, services and features.

  • Attractive:  On your cell phone, BuscaViento appears as an attractive application with menus, controls and full-color images.

  • Inexpensive:  Since no additional pager rental is required, BuscaViento's service fee is much lower.


How does it work?  When you view the wind information, the program retrieves updated data by downloading a small data file over the Internet (using GPRS or UMTS) for the spots you choose.  No expensive SMS messages or WAP connections are used, and all the program's menu content and controls are already in your phone.  This way, only the necessary wind data are updated so the communication costs are minimal.  The wind data are updated from each beach to our server every 15 minutes while the windspeed is above 8 knots, and every hour for lighter winds.  You can download the data from our server to your phone any time you like to see the current wind information.


The Wind on your Phone

What can you do with BuscaViento?   Sail more than ever before, because you'll always have the latest wind information from the best spots on the coast.  You'll receive real-time wind data on your cell phone from our own sensors installed right on the beach, and personalized alerts when the wind goes above the threshold you choose.


Data from your favorite spots

Create a list of favorite spots from our complete network of sensors.  Each time your update, you'll see a wind summary for all your spots:  average Windspeed, Direction, Gusts, and a wind Alert if the wind is above your desired threshold.



Detailed wind reports

By clicking on a single spot, you'll see complete details Tendency during the last hour and a half, Beaufort Force, wind Name, y Temperature.  The wind data are updated from each beach every 15 minutes while the wind remains above 8 knots (the minimum to be interesting).  For wind below 8 knots, the data are updated every hour so you can be on the lookout.


At the end of the day (8pm in summer, 6pm in winter), the service signs off with today's summary for each beach.  In the morning (6am, 7am or 8am, depending on the beach), the service signs on with a summary of yesterday's wind.



Thresholds and Alerts

Set a threshold (minimum windspeed) for each beach, and when the current windspeed goes above your threshold the application will alert you with a vibration or the sound of your choice.  You can also set an alert schedule and frequency.


Useful tip:   If you DON'T want to be alerted from a particular spot, simply set a very high wind threshold for that spot.  For example, if you want to be alerted if the wind goes above 15 knots in BARNA, but you don't want wind alerts from CAMBRI, set the threshold to 15 knots for BARNA, and 50 knots or higher for CAMBRI.  Unless a gale starts blowing in CAMBRI, you won't receive alerts from that spot.


Install BuscaViento on your Phone

You can install the fully-functional BuscaViento application on your cell phone and try it 15 days absolutely free and with no obligation.


Android phones:

If you have an Android phone, you can install our new specific Android version from Google PlayTM on your phone, or else with your computer from the following link:

Get it on Google Play


We now have a specific version for the iPhone which incorporates many of the amazing features of its touch-screen interface.   You can install it directly on your iPhone from the App StoreSM, or else with your computer from the following link:

Phones with Java:

In order to use BuscaViento on your phone, all you need is a multimedia cell phone with the following characteristics:

  • Java (MIDP 1.0 or 2.0)
  • Internet capability via GPRS o UMTS.


Practically all current cell-phone models include these capabilities*.  But if your beloved relic doesn't, you can obtain an up-to-date model from your cell-phone operator or at a store for very little money.     

You'll also need to make sure your phone is configured correctly to connect to the Internet using GPRS or UMTS, and that you have this service activated by your cell-phone operator.

* To date, the only current models which have shown to not have the minimum required capabilities are the following: Motorola v220, Motorola C139, Nokia 2310, Nokia 3100, Nokia 6100, Nokia 6610i, Sharp GX-15, Sharp GX-25, LG 8210, Siemens C55, Siemens CF62, SonyEricsson T630i, Apple iPhone (see note just below).

Read the instructions just below in the "Installation" section to install BuscaViento in your phone with Java.


Installation   (only for phones with Java)

Installing BuscaViento on your phone is easy - in just 2 minutes you can install it yourself directly to your phone and have it running.

Using your phone:

You can install BuscaViento directly to your phone.  Simply open your phone's Internet browser (NOT the search page) and write the following address in the "Go to URL" or "Go to web address" field:




A small web page will appear on the screen with the message:  "Instala BuscaViento en tu Móvil".  Click on the highlighted word "Instalar" and the application will be downloaded and installed automatically on your phone.

NOTE:  On some phones this page might not display correctly.  If this occurs, use the following address instead:  http://www.buscaviento.com/movil/install.htm

NOTE for iPhone and Android users:  This version CANNOT be installed on the iPhone or on Android phones.  See the instructions above to install our specific version of BuscaViento for these phones.

If you need any help, don't hesitate to call us at 627-95-95-88 and we'll give you a hand.

Using a PC

If you prefer, you can also install the application "off-line" by first downloading it to a PC and then copying it to your phone.  First, download the following 2 files to your PC:



Connect your phone to a PC using the correct data cable (or else by Bluetooth or infrared) and install the application on your phone using the connection software supplied with it.  In your phone's manual you can find instructions for installing Java applications, which vary depending on the model.  In most cases you can just copy the .jar file to the phone and install it using the corresponding menu option.

User Manual


Start the Application

On most phones, the application will be installed in a directory called "Applications".  On other models, you may find it in "Games" or "My stuff".  Search for the application in one of these locations and start it by clicking on it, or with the "Open" or "Start" option in your phone menu.

This startup screen will appear, with 2 options:  "Viento" ("Wind" - view wind data), y "Menu" (Main menu).

The Wind Alert status will also be displayed (see the "Wind Alerts" section below), along with two BuscaViento users having a blast.

(NOTE:  Initially, the application will display text in Spanish.  You can change the screen and menu language using the option "Menú -> Idioma".  The application must be restarted for the change to take effect.)




Fill in your User and Password

Before you can update the wind data, you need to fill in your user and password.  Select "Menu -> Login".  On the screen that appears, write your cell-phone number in the "User" field (WITH country code, WITHOUT dashes or spaces. Example:  +34123456789), and a "Password" of your choice 1-10 characters longThe cell-phone number you write in the "User" field must match your actual cell-phone number for the program to be activated.  After saving your user and password, the application will register you as a BuscaViento user the first time you update the wind data.



Choose your Favorite Spots

Choose the spots you want to include in your "My Spots" list (displayed when you select the "Wind" option from the main screen).  Each time you update the wind data, the application will download and display the information for only these spots.  Initially, only 4 spots appear in the list as an example.

From the main screen, select "Menu -> Choose spots" (left image).

From the complete list of spots available, mark those you want to add to your favorites list and press "Add" (center image).  After a few seconds the "My Spots" list will appear with the beaches you've added.

You can remove spots from the favorites list using the "Remove" option while viewing the "My Spots" list (right image).



Display Wind Data

Now you can display the wind data for your favorite spots.  From the main screen, press "Wind".  The "My Spots" favorites list will appear, displaying the wind data previously stored in the phone the last time they were updated (left image).

When you click on any spot in the list ("View" option), the complete data for that spot will be displayed (right image).


In the "My Spots" screen, the colors and symbols have the following meanings:

  White data Expired data (updated more than 15 minutes ago)
  Green data Current data (updated less than 15 minutes ago)
  Visible:  Wind above chosen threshold, but data expired
  Flashing:  Wind above chosen threshold, and data current

In the "Wind Report" screen, the color of the message's date/time indicates whether the data are current or expired:

  Red date-time Expired data (updated more than 15 minutes ago)
  Green date-time Current data (updated less than 15 minutes ago)
  White date-time System clock:  current date and time


Update the Data

To update the data for all spots in the "My Spots" list, from this screen choose "Menu -> Update", or press the 5 key (left image).  The application will download the current data over the Internet from our server.  Note that the current data appear green, and if the windspeed is above the chosen threshold for a particular beach, a blinking flag   will be displayed beside it (see the "Wind Alerts" section below for more information about thresholds).


You can also update the data from the "Wind Report" screen by choosing the "Menu -> Update" option, or by pressing the 5 key (left image).  Just like when updating from the "My Spots" screen, data will be updated for the currently displayed spot (right image) and all other spots in your favorites list.  Note that, after updating, the message's date/time field is updated and changes color from red to  green indicating that the data are current.

While viewing the data for a spot, you can jump to the next/previous spot using the joystick or the 2, 4, 6, 8 keys.


In the "My Spots" and "Wind Report" sceens, some keys have special functions:

  Key Function
  Joystick Change spot
  2,4,6,8 Change spot
  5 Update data
  * Adjust text size to fit the screen
  # 1 time = Back to previous screen
    2 times = Activate Wind Alerts
    3 times = Minimize application



PROBLEMS?  If you press "Update" but nothing happens, or you receive an error message, most likely your cell phone is not correctly configured to connect to the Internet from Java applications.

Contact us and we'll give you a hand to resolve this issue.



Wind Alerts

By using "Wind Alerts", BuscaViento will alert you with a sound or vibration when the windspeed at any of your favorite spots goes above the threshold you choose.  You can even choose a different threshold for each spot.  This way, you can relax and let BuscaViento alert you when the wind picks up.

How it works is simple:  By leaving BuscaViento running, it will perform automatic data updates at regular intervals, and alert you when the wind goes above the threshold you've chosen for any of your spots.  You can configure the update interval, alert schedule, alert signal, and wind thresholds you want for each spot.


  1. To set up Wind Alerts, from the main screen press "Menu -> Alerts" (first image).
  2. Choose how you want to activate the Alerts:  On (always), Today (today only), or Off (never) (second image).
  3. Choose the schedule on which you want the Alerts to operate:  Start time and End time (second image).
  4. Choose the frequency with which you want BuscaViento to update the data and alert you if necessary (third image).
  5. Choose the desired alert signal:  Sound, Vibration, or Both (fourth image).


  1. Choose the alert sound and volume with the "Menu -> Sounds" option.


  1. Set the wind threshold you want for each spot with the "Menu -> Thresholds" option.  (NOTE:  You can also access Thresholds from the "My Spots" screen).


  1. When you press "OK", the Wind Alerts are set up and ready, and the main screen will display a summary of the alert schedule and a countdown to the next automatic update (left image).

By pressing the # key, you can minimize the application to allow using other phone features (right image).  (NOTE:  Minimization may not work on some phone models.)



IMPORTANT:  For Wind Alerts to work, 2 things are necessary:

  • Leave BuscaViento running.  This way it can automatically update the data and alert you.

  • Perform 1 initial update to grant Internet permission to the application.


Normal use:

Once set up, you can activate Wind Alerts and minimize the application by simply pressing the # key.

  1. Press the # key in "Wind Report" or "My Spots" to go back to the main screen.
  2. Press the # key again and Wind Alerts will be activated in "Today" mode using the chosen schedule and other settings.
  3. Press the # key again to minimize the application.  If necessary, a data update will be performed first to grant Internet permission.


Frequently asked questions:

You can see answers to many frequently asked questions about Wind Alerts in our FAQ.



Snow Reports

BuscaViento is not just for wind.  If you also surf the snow in winter, you can check out our snow reports for most major ski areas in Cataluña, Aragón, Andorra and the French Pyrenees.  The snow reports come directly from the ski areas and are updated every 2 hours on our server during the ski season.

To see the snow reports, press "Menu -> Snow" from the main screen (left image).  You'll see the last report stored on the phone, like the one in the right image.  Just like for the wind reports, you can update the data by pressing "Menu -> Update" or key 5.


The fields and colors have the following meanings:

  Red date-time Expired data (updated more than 1 day ago)
  Green date-time Current data (updated today)
  Baqueira Name of ski area
  80-110cm Minimum and maximum snow depth
  10/16r Open / total ski lifts   (remontes)
  38/49p Open / total slopes   (pistas)
  P, D, Pr, H Snow quality (Powder, Packed, Spring, Wet)   (Polvo, Dura, Primavera, Húmeda)
  ND No data available  (No Disponibles)
  CERR Ski area closed    (CERRada)

In the "Snow Report" screen, some keys have special functions:

  Key Function
  Joystick Scroll up / down
  2,4,6,8 Scroll up / down
  5 Update data
  * Adjust text size to fit the screen


Other Options

There are several other useful options in the main menu:


If you experience any problem or error when installing or running the application, call us at 627-95-95-88 and we'll give you a hand to solve it.

Most problems are caused by phones being incorrectly configured to connect to the Internet using GPRS.  The BuscaViento application is already running on most phone models, including the iPhone, Android phones, Blackberry, and other models with Java.  Call us and we'll help you correctly configure your phone.

If you have any questions, you can also check out our page of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).


When you install BuscaViento on your phone, you have 15 days to try it absolutely free and with no obligation.

To continue enjoying BuscaViento, subscribe by filling out our on-line subscription form or by calling us at 627-95-95-88.

The monthly service fee for BuscaViento is just 9.99 €/month.*  That's 4 times cheaper than a daily cup of coffee!

 * Internet connections with your phone are charged separately by your mobile operator.